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Our history

In 2004, Ton Duc Thang University joined hand with Education for Development non-governmental organization and founded Social Development Training Center (SDTC). The primary goals of SDTC were to provide high quality services in the field of training, support and consulting for collaborating partners, in order to enhance their work efficiency and future work development. As the collaboration between TDTU and EFD ended in 2008, with the experience gathered from 2004 till 2008, SDTC seperated itself from the project and became financially independent. Beside, SDTC has also been extending its reach to high school and undergraduate students as well as short-term training courses for office workers since 2008.

Our missions
Through training services, community development projects and social/economic researchs, SDTC aims to bring its partners necessary skills and knowledge to improve their work performance and tighten their future in chosen careers. 

Fields of activities

1. Training, consulting services:

Holding short-term and long-term training courses annually while connecting to potential partners in order to provide its training services as requested by organizations with non-governmental, non profits, governmental/private areas origins as well as universities and professional training center nation-wide.

2. Economic - social - environmental researches:

Holding scientific conferences about economy, society and environment.
Holding researchs about said topics; conducting surveys and social investigation.

3. Development projects

Through its collaboration with both local and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations, SDTC's projects are funded by both dosmestical and international sources to sustain community developing projects.
These are some projects under SDTC's authority:

  • Capabilities development for small and micro-sized businesses in HCMC.
  • Capacity building system for nonprofit organizations.
  • PhotoVoice programs "How was my life changed? - Insider talk"