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Organizing courses "Pedagogical skills; teamwork and independent working skills "for experts, engineers, skilled workers ... of HCMC Power Corporation (EVNHCMC)

From August 27th to October 11th 2019, Social Development Training Center (SDTC) - Ton Duc Thang University organized 6 courses on "Pedagogical skills; teamwork and independent working skills "for students who are experts, engineers, skilled workers ... of EVNHCMC's member units at Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation. Each course lasts for 06 days.

The courses are aimed at:

  • Help students understand the importance of risk management
  • Understand the risk management process, identify, measure and evaluate the risks in the operation of EVNHCMC unit
  • Application of a number of risk management tools and methods in EVNHCMC's risk management activities
  • Understand basic pedagogical knowledge and skills effectively (Learners' psychology, content development skills, lecture design skills, presentation skills, teamwork skills, placement skills questions, effective pedagogical communication skills, ...)
  • Create a professional teaching style, convey compelling lessons.
  • Organizing classes in the direction of positive learners.
  • Proficient use of teaching methods and modern teaching techniques to promote the active activeness of learners.
  • Know how to use and exploit Library resources at TDTU.
  • Applying a number of information technology techniques to effectively assist in the innovation and innovation of teaching methods (teaching methods), positive teaching methods and techniques, learner-centered, aiming at changing the atmosphere of the classroom, contributing to developing higher-order thinking and creativity for learners.
  • Specific outputs for each participant at the end of the class: Student-oriented training must report the content requested by EVNHCMC (divide reporting groups, require a laptop or at least 2 people / 1 laptop for training to create products, learn by positive methods, give practical situations, etc.).

 Some photos of the course: